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About Vedanta

Everything in the universe has rythm.

Dance is a form of devotion, meditation, expression, revelation and celebration. At Vedanta Dance Academy, we believe that dance is not just a purveyor of tradition and culture, but also a channel to self-realization. For the last 15 years, Firuzi Desai and Vedanta Dance Academy have been instilling a love for the performance arts and dance in the students of the Valley. While imparting training in the Tanjore style of Bharatanatyam, which originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu, Firuzi hopes to keep her disciples rooted to Indian traditions.

Apart from four successful Arangetram (graduating) programs by pupils, Vedanta’s students have performed at events like Artifest, May Fair, Blueberry Festival, Hindu Temple Holi Show, IAALV Association Diwali Show and Pocono Diwali Show, among others. In an effort to impart her love for the dance form, Firuzi and her students have also performed at various nursing homes and given presentations in schools.

But the crowning glory in Vedanta’s performance calendar has been their annual Nritya Sandhya, an evening that saw a celebration of Bharatanatyam, Fusion and Bollywood dance, which was held in June, 2015. The Vedanta family hopes to continue this annual tradition in the years to come.

With two Arangetrams coming up in 2016, Firuzi also hopes to perform in schools and colleges and impart lectures about Bharatanatyam, thereby spreading awareness about Indian classical dance. Vedanta Dance Academy now offers Bollywood dance classes for adults under the tutorship of dance instructor Dharak Patel.

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